2Donate Pricing Information

There are two parts of our program to consider:

  1. How does 2Donate price the Mobile Donation Transactions in a way that helps each Nonprofit maintain the maximum amount of each donation?
  2. What are the Monthly Service Fees associated with various Mobile Donation (Text Giving) programs?

Question 1: How 2Donate saves non-profits on every transaction?!

Note: Since Mobile donations are accepted 1 of 2 different ways, there are two different price structures and pricing statements. Please consult with one of our knowledgeable team members to find out which package fits your Nonprofit best!

We know that all Nonprofits are not the same, so we have the most flexibility and programs available on the market today.

Option 1: Mobile Donations through a text-message and Mobile website!

Recent studies have shown that 2 out of 3 non-profits accept some form of online donations. With roughly 25% (Leadership Network, 2010) of those taking their donations through pay-pal or some other service, these non-profits are literally throwing their hard earned donations away to the processing fees that the banks charge for MasterCard/Visa/Discover Transactions.

2Donate offers mobile donations via text that sends the donor to a mobile website. Here they can donate instantly via Credit/Debit Card or our less expensive "Secure Online Bank Transfer" Method saving the Nonprofit thousands of dollars annually in many circumstances.

The example process:

mobile donation process

Average Credit Card Rate charged to non-profits *industry wide - 3% + $.30 per transaction

2Donate can provide the ability to accept online and mobile donations via credit/debit card, or our secure bank transfer option. The beauty of the online bank transfer method is the money that we allow non-profits to save through this option as the cost per transaction is a mere $.49.

That's it! $.49

Any donation over $10 is charged only $.49, while donations $10 and below are absolutely free.

For Credit Card Donations we charge a flat-rate no matter what kind of credit or debit card. 2.45% + $.49

Option 2: Mobile Donations through Text2Give Program, carrier billed $5 and $10 donations

This program relates specifically to the much publicized process of having a person text into a Keyword where they receive back an instant text message asking them to reply with confirmation of their $5 or $10 donation. This process resembles this:

mobile donation mgive

Pricing for this program is a monthly based on your volume and needs. Transactions are just $.39 + 1%.

Contact us today by calling or submitting information on our contact form today.

Question 2: What are the Monthly Service Fees on the Programs?

Monthly Subscription fees are determined based on the volume of messages you estimate you will be sending. The good part of this is that the more messages you send, the more donations you receive. There are also the financial benefits of saving money on delivering much of the information via text and your mobile site/app vs. paper and ink, which is far more expensive.

To view our monthly service fees and to register your Nonprofit today for Option 1, go HERE

To discuss the second option and the monthly fees associated, please contact us today by calling (855) 211-7474

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