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Social Media Enrichment

One of the biggest pushes the last year for viral outreach programs has been social Media. More and more Non Profits and Churches have been looking for ways to grow their social media reach as the viral component of it has been told over and over again.

The Leading Questions are out there:

How do I grow my Facebook Likes?

How do I get more Twitter Followers?

How do I actually get people to go to my Facebook and interact?

2Donate provides the single best tool to increase Social Media followers and Likes and increase engagements? The process is simple. 2Donate provides the easiest methods in capturing both current and potential members of your organizations into mobile databases. As cellphones and their use far exceed that of social media, getting people to engage with their mobile device and provide permission to a church on non profit to send them texts is relatively easy.

After the current or potential member is in the non profit or churches database, text messages can then be scheduled out to the mobile database at the appropriate times accomplishing two tasks.

  1. Get new social media followers and "Likes"
  2. Increase engagements on your Fan pages and Twitter.

When the people in the database get the text message, they can easily click the link in the text message and from any smartphone instantly "Like" or Follow. Even if they don't have a smartphone the message can be timed when most people are in front of a computer, they get the text and instantly go to the Facebook or Twitter page on their desktop or laptop. (Essentially asking people to engage while they have the greatest opportunity to do so)

2Donate's cross-channel marketing platform allows for your organization to login and schedule texts, modify your mobile website, and even schedule your Facebook messages in the future easily and from one location.

Capturing Social Media Followers and Likes and increasing their engagement is one of our specialties. 2Donate also provides educational webinars on demand to teach many other techniques in increasing Facebook and Twitter engagements.

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Email Enrichment

Although only 37% of Americans are considered active email users, this continues to be one of the best and economical ways for non profits and churches to communicate. In fact, many organizations use mobile initially just to help them increase their number of email subscribers and open rates.

This is accomplished one of two ways.

1. Capturing email from the Mobile device

Organizations utilizing the 2Donate mobile platform can ask their congregation or members to simply send a text message to a shortcode (abbreviated phone number).

When the member or parishioner sends the text message to the shortcode they get an instant text response. This response states something similar to this:

The parishioner responds the the text with their email address and all of the emails are captured inside the platform for easy importing into the email service the organization is using. The data comes in clean as the users are inputting the information directly into the phone and is simple to import.

Many organizations have greatly increased their email addresses they send to by utilizing this method at events, during sermons, on air, or even in print.

2. Capturing Potential Members or Parishioners from a Tablet Form

Many Organization grow their mobile and email lists concurrently by passing around a tablet or ipad at events with a landing page set to a sign-up form.

Imagine at your organizations next fund-raiser or at the table where your visitors come and sign their name on a piece of paper, that instead of paper flyers and forms you simply have the potential partners type their name, email, and mobile number into a form.

You capture their information and they get an instant text-message from you and your organization. This text-message could carry a video welcome message, pages of information about your non profit or church, and even the donation page.

2Donate provides all of this and more, so call today and discuss how we can help with your mission.