Mobile Communication for Churches

37% of the population are Active Email Users

41% have a Facebook account

90% send and receive (SMS) Text-messages

As a Spiritual Leader, which technology should you use to reach the maximum amount of your congregation or potential followers?

How does it work?

Building a database of your congregation and then sending them text-messages throughout the week is easy. When you sign up for a new account you are provided a flyer that you can print and handout to everyone in your congregation. The flyer explains the texting and mobile website program and explains how to participate. Each parishioner then either sends a text message as the flyer explains, or fills out the back of the flyer and provides their phone number.

text campaign flyer

Texting in to the Database

Churches today can utilize the quickest and most efficient model of communicating to their congregation through text

Step 1: Promote to your congregation from the pulpit, on your website, on the flyers, and at events to Text a KEYWORD to a SHORTCODE.

KEYWORD - This is a word that you create that is associated with your church. In the example photo the KEYWORD is "New Light".

SHORTCODE - This is an abbreviated phone number, in the example below the SHORTCODE is "72727"

text message on phone

Step 2: When someone texts in to the KEYWORD associated with the Church, they receive a Text-Message (SMS) response instantly back to their phone with whatever message you desire. This welcome message can be changed at any time easily and will also contain a link to your mobile website/app where the parishioner can view additional information and even donate! See mobile website/app and donation links

Example Message:

text message to shortcode

Step 3: Once a parishioner has sent the text-message and received the instant response, they are saved in your church's database.

Step 4: Now you or your staff can easily login and send or schedule messages to be sent out at exactly the moment you want them to your database of parishioners.

** Some of your parishioners may fill out the back of the flyer instead of sending the text-message from their phones. These numbers are easily uploaded into the computer and are then in the database as well and can be sent messages.

Schedule the Delivery of Reminders, Alerts, and Notifications at exactly the right moment!

text message scheduling