Learning what you need to know about how to accept mobile and donations, Text2Give, Text2Pledge, micro-donations, mobile donations via a secure mobile website, and other variations is one of the most difficult things a Nonprofit leader is tasked to do. Insuring that your organization isn't overspending is just one small part of the equation, but even more importantly is making sure that the program selected will have the greatest and most far-reaching successes in growing and spreading the message and mission.

Your Success is Ours!

The First Step is Education, and we at 2Donate more than understand that at Nonprofit organizations such as yours that decisions are not made in haste, and they have to be thoroughly analyzed.

This is the reason we put on a Weekly Live Educational Seminar that quickly and thoroughly covers all of the following items:

What are all of the different Methods of accepting Online and Mobile Donations

What are the fees associated with these transactions

What are the advantages and benefits of each of the different types of services offered in the space?


Mobile donations via the Mobile Web

Mobile app donations

Text Pledges

How Secure Online tranfers will Eliminate Credit card rates or Cell-phone carrier charges.

Ideas, tips and tricks to use to augment your other outreach efforts

Social Media Enrichment - adding Facebook followers!

Education is the first step in making the right decision for your organization. Learn it all Live by attending our upcoming Webinar.

**Note if you can't attend we have some previously recorded versions that we can email you today. Contact US